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Movie Review: The Post


As a student journalism I had to go and see this movie. So as soon as it released here in the Netherland me and my friend picked up our Vue Movie Passes and went to the cinema.
Photo by Hannes Wolf on Unsplash
The story is about a woman who becomes the head of the The Washington Post. Men do not feel good about a woman reigning the company. But Kay Graham (Meryll Streep) is a fierce woman that doesn’t give up easily. Then it comes to a moment that there is a leak in the government about the Vietnam War and another newspaper got those documents and is publishing what is really going on in Vietnam. The government wants them to stop publishing and takes them to court and the newspaper has to stop publishing. Than Ben Bradlee (Tom Hanks) is getting his hands on those Vietnam files and Kay has to decide whether or not to publish these government secrets.

What for me, as a journalism student, was fun to see was how news was made back in the days. These days all the newspapers are the same, we read articles on internet and the next day there is a longer story in the newspaper.

Back then, you had this game with what was the news. What is the other newspaper working on? What 
is their front page? And when the other newspaper had those Vietnam files in their hands, it wasn’t easy for The Post to get their hands on it. They simply couldn’t download or email the files like how we do it these days. I really liked that the journalists had to get out and be on the street to find the news. Also, the discussion if the government can tell what a newspaper publishes and what not was very interesting to see. They fought for freedom of the press and I never knew that this leak also brought freedom of the press in danger. Luckily for all of us it ended well!
Photo by Marco Djallo on Unsplash
And then also the making off a newspaper. What a fantastic insight this movie gave into how they used to make newspapers. I was geeking out. Sitting there smiling and asking myself if I could travel in time just see one day in the making off a newspaper.
Sas and I were really positive about the movie. But sometimes it was so much information that we only read subtitles and weren’t really watching the movie. We are not Americans and the movie was quickly introducing president after president. Yes, we’ve learnt a bit about the presidents, but this movie was giving us name after name and little explanation. It’s wasn’t bad but it was hard for us to keep up with all the information sometimes.
Overall the story was great, actors really good and it had some funny moments in it too.

It’s a good movie but I was less enthusiast about it than other movies I have seen lately. But movie is more like infotainment than just entertainment like Maze Runner Death Cure or The Greatest Showman. Duh

Xx Rianne

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Sunshine Blogger Award


On January 27th, 2018, I was nominated by Sarah Michelle for the Sunshine Blogger Award! I have been blogging for a while but never took things too serious. I’ve started to take blogging more serious again after a break and BAM! I got nominated! So Sarah Michelle, thank you so much for recognizing my blog and nominate me. Also, because of this nomination I discovered new bloggers! It is great to discover new talent! So go and check out the blogs of the people I nominated!
Sarah Michelle added questions in her nomination and I answer the questions below:

1 Who do you look up to the most? (Can be a famous person or even a family member)
I look up to successful people in general. One moment it can be Selena Gomez, the other moment lily Collins or Zoella or J.K. Rowling. Name it. I am just in some sort of awe when it comes to their dedication and ‘luck’ in their life. I love to read about how they didn’t give up or reached their goal. It’s just so inspiring. I don’t have one role model I have as much as possible.

2 If you could go anywhere in the world, where would it be?
I would love to visit LA. I don’t know what it is, but all the photo’s I see on Instagram are gorgeous. So I would love to go and visit LA.  

3 What is your most favourite T.V. show? (Can be on Netflix, Hulu, or it can be one that they don’t make/show anymore)
again, I don’t really have one. I used to watch Teen Wolf for years but that show is over now. I LOVED the short series Alias Grace. It changes all the time. As soon as I start something I’m hooked. Then it’s over and I’m on to the next obsession.

4 What was your most favourite movie growing up?
Narnia. Such a magical story.

5 How did your blogging journey begin and is it what you thought it would be?
It started a while ago. When I started my study journalism, me and 2 friends created a blog. We stopped after a while because they didn’t want to continue. So I started my own blog. I’ve been blogging for 3 years now. I think it is harder than I thought it would be; coming up with content and trying to make good pictures. But I still enjoy it. It is my hobby after all!

6 What is your biggest pet peeve about people or anything?
I can’t stand it when I hear someone eating or loudly breathing.  Misophonia…

7 Who made you believe in yourself and pushed you to your best growing up?
My mom, dad, brother and sisters. They are the most supportive and loving people. Without them my life would have been so different and I would have been such a teeny tiny girl afraid to do what I love. They support me through everything and give me advice!

8 When did you know for sure that you wanted to start blogging?
When my friends stopped with our shared blog I didn’t want to stop. I had much more ideas. I was always reading blogs and finding inspiration and trying to create something new. I just couldn’t stop!

9 Did you enjoy high school, or no?
We don’t have high school like in America. In the Netherlands the school system is very different. I wish I had the high school dances and everything I always see in the movies. It looks awesome! (That’s all I know about high school.)

10 Is there a career that you want to go in, in the future or just continue blogging?
At the moment I’m trying to graduate and hopefully finding a new job. (Not specifically journalism. Just something that crosses my path.) I think I will keep on blogging because it’s my hobby. If I can make money out of blogging, that would be amazing!

11 Who is your celebrity crush and why you like him/her so much?
I’ve two crushes:
1. Logan Lerman. That guy is so talented and beautiful. And he’s in my favourite movie: The perks of being a wallflower. The way he acts as Charlie is the Charlie I imagined when I read the book. His other movies are also really good and I just enjoy watching him ;) playing different personalities.
2. Selena Gomez. She is so talented and gorgeous. I still am in love with her song ‘who says’. It helped me when I was younger. And the rest of her music is just perfect and I also love her acting in movies!

Now it is time for the Nominees to write their post for the Sunshine Blogger Award! There are just a couple little rules that you will have to follow though and those rules include:
Thank the blogger who nominated you and a link back to their blog! 
Answer the 11 questions they asked you! 
Nominate 11 new blogs to receive the award and write 11 new questions for them
List the rules and display the Sunshine Blogger Award logo on your post/blog! 
1 Why did you start blogging?
2 What’s the weirdest thing someone said to you?
3 What’s the first thing you do in the morning?
4 Is there something you can’t live without?
5 If you could change one thing in the world, what would it be?
6 What’s the worst movie you’ve ever seen?
7 What is your favourite book and why?
8 What is the best childhood memory you have?
9 What is your hometown famous for?
10 What was your dream job when you were younger?
11 If you had to dye your hair, what colour would you choose and why?

Story Time

Story time: Valentine Fail


 I want to share a little embarrassing story about my one and only valentine fail when I was – I think - 10 years old! A trip down memory lane... Enjoy!

Photo by Maira Gallardo on Unsplash
It was Valentine’s Day! And when I was 10 years old it all started in school with the ‘boyfriends’ and ‘love’. So everyone in my class was very excited. We had some couples in our class and we knew some people had crushes on others. So we all wanted to know what presents were bought. 

I’ve always been a bit scared of boys when I was little. They were always so rough and yelling and I was a very shy girl, unless you knew me. And I just didn’t like boys. So I wasn’t crushing on anyone.

And on Valentine’s Day I went to my seat and saw a heart shaped lollypop on my table. I can remember that I was really scared when I found that present on my table… And my best friend came to her seat and saw it too and looked at me -with this sneaky smile I will never forget- and said out loud: “Who gave you a present?” I was too scared to say anything about it and of course we both wanted to know who gave it to me. I don’t know exactly what I was thinking, but I know for sure that I was panicking. Everybody was looking at me... Panic all over.

Then a guy came over and told us: “Oh I messed up your seats. It was meant for your friend and not for you, Ri.” I don’t remember the rest of what happened, I don’t even remember who the guy was... I couldn’t find the story in one of my old journals so sadly I can’t tell you more. But this is what I remembered and it kind of sucks. I think this is my very first memory of Valentine’s Day. A heart attack on Valentine’s Day…

I just wanted to tell you this story, because I think it’s kind of funny. While I wrote this down I’ve been smiling all the time! Such a funny memory of Little Me.

I hope you have a better memory of your first Valentine’s Day ever!

Xx Rianne

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