Thursday, 27 August 2015

Bag To School

Everybody is going back to school again. Hopefully after a super happy summer break. But have you ever thought of what bag you want for school?
I do. Because I remember that I had a pink backpack for the first three years of secondary school… I don’t know why I choose that colour, but it makes me think a lot more before I just buy a bag. I've bought more bags that are completely useless for school. Like there was not enough space for my books, a laptop was waaayy to big and too heavy for that bag and it had so many zippers and compartments... I like to throw everything in the bag and not a bag with much compartments because then I loose pens, keys and lip gloss even more. One large compartment and one or two small ones are enough.
So I thought, let’s make a small list of 3 bags that are perfect for school that I love. Also, these bags aren’t only for school of course. But it’s always a good excuse to buy a new bag. And since I haven't bought any of these bags yet I can't guarantee that big laptops will fit. We just have to find out by buying them. ;)

1. This bag from ASOS looks like I can throw everything in the bag. I love messy bags and I’m not really into organised bags. This one looks like some books will fit and a laptop. Throw some extra pens and a notebook in the bag and you’re ready for school. I also love this grey colour. I don’t own any grey bags and grey fits with almost everything just like black. But grey is little bit difference to my black schoolbag collection.

Source: ASOS

2. I think this one is very funny! I love how the bag is so simple and claims to have all of that stuff in the bag. In some schools the quotes on clothes and bags gets screened.. So think about that too if you're planning to take this bag to your school. I don't want to cause any trouble of course.
Sadly I noticed that this bag is out of stock on this website where I found it, but I think there are enough sites to find a bag similar to this bag. Or you make it yourself! 


3. I love this bag from Mango because again; I can throw everything in the bag. Also, you can adjust the straps. So you can make a bag for only holding the straps in your hand, or make the straps longer and you can hang the bag around your shoulder, which I prefer more. I love tote bags and this one look like a perfect one.

Source: Mango

What bag is on your wish list? Let me know in the comments below!

Xx Rianne

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