Monday, 7 December 2015

Concert Time: Hey Violet Live

Yesterday it was time for another concert I went to! And it was so nice! I went to Hey Violet Live and it was so good! It started all very bad for me. I forgot earplugs so I had to go back home. And I already was a little late and it was storming and I finally made it to the train. When I finally sat down I went to Amsterdam.

When I arrived at the venue everybody already lined up and the doors opened. I was just in time, although I hoped I would be a little earlier than everyone else because I wanted a good place to stand. But when I asked a guard at the door how long the line had been here he said. Saturday night 11pm. The first people lined up to be front row! My eyes almost fell out of my head. I can’t believe people did that. The band is great! Really great, but I knew it was a small venue, so even being in the back you would be so close to them. But maybe the girls didn’t know.

I ended up being somewhere at the end of the crowd. But at least I could jump and dance without standing on peoples toes. I also met a really nice girl who was alone too and we spent the night together. 

Sorry jesserea, I forgot to put my flashlight on when you were on and only had this blury picture as the best... Still looking cute! ;)
In the preshow was a guy called Jesserea. I had never heard of him, but when he came on stage I thought he was cute. Sadly I didn’t know any of his songs but because of the screams of other girls they knew him very well. I actually liked his music. It was quite different than what Hey Violet plays but I still thought it was nice.

Look at all these phones ruining the view...
Then after little while it was time for Hey Violet to come on stage. And I love those guys live! They are so good. The first time I heard them at the 5sos concert in May I thought, yeah I love that too! And right now they have their own EP and do some great covers and acoustic they’re great too. It was just amazing and loved it. The one thing that I noticed was that Rena didn’t play the base but was only singing. That was new to me, but they put up a great show and I danced and sang like no one was watching or listening and it was great! I’ve never this close to a band before while they had their show even though I was in the last row. 

I truly hope that Hey Violet will come back soon and give a great show again!! Because I’ll be in the crowd somewhere!! (Sneaky I hope next year they’ll be in the preshow for 5sos again!) We’ll see! I had a great time and was home late and fell asleep immediately! Thanks Hey Violet for this amazing night!

Xx Rianne

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