Monday, 12 June 2017

Life Update: Im Back From a Break

Like the title says: I'm back from a break. To be honest, I needed this break so much. And as you might recognise what I did: I kept running around, work, work, and work, never took a break or thought about myself. 

Well, I've come to a point where my mind said: now you stop running and think about yourself. So it shut down, I broke and realised that this way of life wasn't getting me anywhere. I felt tired, confused and went to a doctor. Now I'm in a process of recovery. At first I didn't do anything. I slept, watched movies, and didn’t even upload an Easter blogpost. It was too much. Now I'm not having a burnout. Even though it sounds like it. I've come to realise that I've too many negative thoughts about myself. That I barely got excited for things. So decided to literally stand still. I finished my internship and last school projects. And now after three weeks of doing nothing I decided that I'm going to pick up things that I really liked to do. Because I felt like doing nothing isn't who I am. I'm always doing something. One of those somethings is blogging.

I really want you to understand that I'm going through rough times. I can't promise blogposts every Monday. I've just decided this. And hope that this can be a happy place for me. And that I can slowly keep up with this again. I try to put as less pressure on myself as possible because I freak out very easily when I promise something and can't make it true...

School is something I’m going to worry about next year. School agreed with me that I really need to take care of myself. So I will graduate next year.

Also, next week’s post will be the one of Easter. It's about 40 days without Netflix. A fun post with realizations through the 40 days without...

And after that we will see! I love you all and hope you’re doing fine. Also, I’m a little bit sorry that I didn't tell you this before. But it's just that I’m comfortable saying this now. And that I wasn't ready to tell you this a month ago.

Love you lots!

Xx Rianne