Hello everybody!

Since I love writing and study journalism at the Christian University for Applied Sciences (I'm in my fourth and last year! Time flies!) I started a blog where I could write whatever I want to write. School didn’t let me write about the topics what had my interest. And here I’m free to talk about my passions. I love to read, to travel, to watch movies and I experiment a little with beauty products.

I also write Life Updates in which I’m telling you what the student life is for a 20 year old journalism student. I talk about what is bothering me, worries me or makes me happy. My blog is a mixing bowl of my passions and I hope that you enjoy reading my blogposts as much I enjoy creating and sharing them!

Xx Rianne

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Please note that when there are posts with a star (*) behind a brand name that these posts are sponsored or gifted. All the other products I discuss are bought by myself.

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